Barbour Countrywear

Barbour A 120 year old global brand, defining the essence of true british style.

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barbour-wax-jacket-button-home-page Barbour Men’s Wax Jackets

Barbours most iconic coat, the classic wax jacket, is now as comfortable in the urban jungle as it is in the country.

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view-here-small-button-quilted-jacket Barbour Men’s Quilted Jackets

Ideal for those colder months, Barbours quilted jackets offer style and comfort through out the winter.

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view-here-small-button-shooting Barbour Men’s Shooting Collection

From Barbours Sporting Collection, designed by Lord James Percy since 2004. Being a keen shot himself, he is a meticulous and enthusiastic field tester!

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view-here-small-button-mens-clothing Barbour Men’s Clothing

We stock a great range of Barbour men’s clothing including knitwear, gilets, shirts and accessories.

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view-here-small-button-barbour-accessories Barbour Men’s Accessories

Complete this season’s look with our collection of Men’s Barbour accessories.

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