Barker Shoes

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Shoe E Fitting Narrow Width Fit
Shoe F Fitting Standard Width Fit
Shoe FX Fitting Slightly Wider Width Fit
Shoe G Fitting Wide Width Fit
Shoe H Fitting Extra Wide Width Fit
Shoe D Ladies Fitting Width Fit


 Caring for your Barker Shoes

Your Barker shoes will give you long and faithful service providing you follow these simple rules.

  •  Always clean regularly with a brush or damp cloth to remove all traces of dirt before applying a good quality
    shoe cream or polish of the correct colour. (Barker shoe care kits contain all the necessary equipment in neat travel cases.
  • Never dry wet shoes near fire, radiators or hot pipes. Good leather deserves good treatment and slow natural drying is
    always best.
  • To keep shoes in perfect shape we recommend the use of  barker shoe trees and a shoe horn.
    Suede Shoes – remove all dirt when dry and brush up the nap using a stiff bristle suede brush. Stains can be removed
    with a suede solvent cleaner and smooth patches restored with fine sandpaper.

Kid Leather Shoes – or other lightweight leathers should be polished with a good neutral or coloured shoe cream.
Nubuck Leather Shoes – wipe clean with a cloth dipped in slightly soapy warm water.
Patent Leather Shoes – clean with a damp cloth or use a recommended patent leather spray or cream.
Calf Aniline Shoes – to develop a rich and lasting guardsman’s finish polish regularly with a quality polish of matching colour, this will maintain the aniline dye finish of the superior Calf skins used by Barkers.


Barker Shoe ConstructionGoodyear WeltA traditional method of manufacturing which provides a shoe that will give comfort, excellent shape retention, water-resistance and repairable properties.

  • Excellent insulation against cold and heat
  • Good shape retention
  • Easy to repair

 [hr]Barker WeltBarkerwelt is a special Barker version of the welted construction. By adjusting the ‘lasting’ and ‘making’ process, the sole is cemented and not stitched. This allows for a closer sole edge and a lighter sole giving finer looking, more flexible sole – whilst still retaining the advantages of welted shoes.

  • Extra flexibility
  • Fine appearance

 [hr]CementedA construction using specialised adhesives in place of stitched welts to bond the upper parts and soles, thus achieving lightness and flexibility.

  • Lightweight shoe
  • Flexible
Barker Shoes Last Shapes Guide

 [hr]Barker Shoes Last Shapes Guide

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