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Horse Trial Season Has Started!

It’s that time of year again, a firm favourite for the head office team here at A Farley Country Attire. A time to spend nibbling and tippling through the local food and drink, socialising with friends, admiring the unique country clothing stands and of course, watching the horses and riders compete!

Dotted over the country there are plenty of events to to choose from. From dressage and cross country days to show jumping days, there is something to suit everyone. As usual, as the time approaches, the question of what to wear is raised with increasing regularity around the office between colleagues. It’s important not only to look the part but to also dress appropriately for the weather, we all know English weather too well!

At a time like this, there is no better place to work than here at head office, some of the team have discussed what oufits they will be wearing this year!

Adam Farley – Director

Adam says you can’t go wrong with the Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket paired with a traditional Musto Sun Protection t-shirt underneath. A T-shirt for the sun, and Jacket incase the weather changes. For comfort and design, his favourite RM William Ramco Jeans, and to add a splash of colour to his outfit, his Pampeano Audaz Belt! Adams footwear choice are his trusty Le Chameau wellingtons!

Michael – Director

Michael enjoys a casual style, he picks his favourite Meyer M5 Jeans styled with the Classic Dubarry Carson Sweater. To stand out and add a bit of luxury, Michael picks his favourite RM Williams Kangaroo boots with a tanned patterned Estancia Pampeano Polo Belt.

Charlotte – Manager

Charlotte likes to take the opportunity of a horse trial event to really go all out! As also worn by Kate Middleton (who wore it first?) Charlotte opts for her luxury Dubarry Bracken Tweed Jacket in Heath. She pairs it with the iconic Dubarry Galway boots and finishes her look off with a Hicks & Brown fedora hat. Even her pet dog Martha fits in with her Barbour Tartan Collar!

Holly – Team Leader

For the member of the team that always demands the heating on, there is no shock Holly picked her top item to take to any horsing event is her Barbour Kelsall Jacket, offering warmth and protection from any rain! Holly pairs this with the lightweight Dubarry Howth jumper, perfect for layering and the matching Fairfax & Favor Imperial Explorers and Windsor Bag. Holly styles her Imperials with the Fairfax & Favor Coral Boot Tassels to add a bit of colour!

Emmie – Customer Advisor

You will never see Emmie without a pair of deck shoes on her feet, so it’s no surprise she picks the Dubarry Rhodes Deck Shoes as her footwear choice. As she is such a big fan of Dubarry she styles her deck shoes with the Dubarry Honeysuckle Jeans and the Dubarry Garbally Bag, which brings some colour for the bright summer days. She also picks the Barbour Bowfell Shirt, perfectly loose and light for the warmer weather.

Naomi – Customer Advisor & E-Commerce Assistant

Being the quirkier one of the group, Naomi likes to go for something a little different. Her favourite item in store to date is the Barbour Harewood striped dress and she pairs this with the Dubarry Waterproof Shannon jacket. Being the less horsey out of us all Naomi likes to opt for a Dubarry Jamaica Deck shoe to hit the shops, lightweight and comfortable. Naomi never goes anywhere without her Dubarry Umbrella!

We hope you enjoyed looking through Farleys top style picks for this season and we hope you enjoy the events as much as us!

Please see a list below of upcoming horse trials coming up over the next few months, see you there!

Chatsworth Horse Trials – 8th – 12th May

Rockingham Horse Trials – 17th – 19th May

Bramham Horse Trials – 6th – 9th June

Burghley Horse Trials – 5th – 8th Sept

Blenheim Horse Trials – 19 – 22nd Sept