Meyer Trousers – Washing Instructions.

Washing Recommendations for Cotton Trousers.

1. Preparation
-By separating your colours carefully, you can prevent darker colours from bleeding onto lighter ones.
-Close zippers and buttons to prevent the metal parts from scraping the fabric.
-Turn the trousers inside out. Do not pre–treat stains by rubbing them. Rubbing will not remove stains, but will create lighter spots due to rubbing off the dye. If necessary, please use only appropriate pre–treatment products.
-Do not wash more than 3–4 pairs of trousers at a time. Please note that cotton is cleaned through the agitation process. Overloading the drum will limit the trousers´ movement in the machine.

2. Settings
-Use as little detergent as possible, since excess detergent can leave traces on the fabric. Powdered and liquid detergent are both suitable. Cotton is primarily cleaned through mechanical movement, so the detergent simply provides a pleasant smell.
-Be sure to use colour detergent for the trousers in order to prevent them from fading prematurely. Do not use heavy–duty detergent; it contains optical brighteners and will bleach the fabric.
-Fabric softener and other emollients are not necessary.
-Choose normal wash cycles∗ – ideally 40ºC for coloured fabrics. Gentle or delicate cycles do not provide enough agitation during the washing process.
-Pre–washing is not necessary, and only uses excess water. If desired, soak your laundry first to pre–treat any significant soiling.
-Use the shortest possible spin cycle. For optimal washing results, use the lowest speed (400 rotations) for a short spin cycle. Faster spin cycles will compress the fibers by pressing water out through the weave.
-After the end of the wash cycle, avoid leaving the wet trousers in the drum for too long.

3. Drying (cotton / linen / kapok)
-When using a dryer, please use low temperatures (max. 60º – 65ºC). The dryer will make the trousers feel soft and smooth.

4. Ironing (cotton / linen / kapok)
-Avoid too–hot irons at all costs. Note that the temperature you set can often vary greatly from the actual ironing temperature. Be especially careful when ironing fabrics with a high synthetic content. Steam usually raises the temperature even more, so it should be used with caution. Iron dark trousers and jeans inside out to avoid shiny spots.

Washing Recommendations for Wool Trousers.

-Trousers made of 100% pure virgin wool are not suitable for household washing machines – please dry clean only. (P symbol)
-Thanks to their polyester content, MEYER´s traditional wool trousers are suitable for household washing machines. However, the rule of thumb for wool is different: less agitation (to prevent pilling) and plenty of water.

2. Preparation
-Sort your laundry carefully. Wool-blend trousers should not be washed with other materials, such as cotton.
-The trousers can be washed inside out or right side out. (For household washing machines, leaving trousers the right side out will clean the seams more effectively.)
-Close buttons and zippers before washing to prevent them from rubbing or snagging on the fabric.

3. Settings
-Choose a wool wash cycle at 40ºC. Alternatively, you can also use a delicate wash setting (no spin cycle!). The gentler movement in the wash cycle keeps the wool fibers from felting and snagging (also known as pilling).
-Use a high water level so that the trousers can float slightly inside the drum, to prevent them from rubbing too much.
-Use only wool detergent, which is designed for the needs of wool fibers.
-After the wash cycle, please do not use a spin cycle or put the trousers in the dryer. Wringing them out or beating them is also not recommended, since it places too much strain on the wool fibers. If necessary, you can lay the   wet trouser on a towel and gently squeeze the water out. We recommend hanging the pants up to drip dry.

4. Ironing
-In order to avoid disturbing the inner lining, iron your trouser the right side out. Be sure not to iron with steam, which may permanently change the shape of the pants or create undesirable wrinkles. Alternatively, you can place a damp dishcloth between the iron and the fabric to set the creases.

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