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Due to seasonal demand on some orders we are running upto 3 days behind on dispatch, and returns at this time of year. Please know we take customer service very seriously and we are doing our best to get this timescale back to normal as quickly as possible. Due to the amount of emails and phone calls chasing deliveries it is slowing us down even more hence the need for this standard reply. If you parcel delivery goes 3 days past the stated maximum working day from order then please contact us again and mark as urgent…..

We apologise again and after next week our normal 5 star service will be fully back in place……..

Please see an article on the internet regarding Black Friday delays, we are trying our best to keep everyone happy but we are a small family business and unfortunately we are running upto 2 days late with dispatch and shipping times.

Why Black Friday deliveries are often delayed?

The reason why Black Friday delivery delays are so often is quite simple. Black Friday is considered to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year – both in physical and in online stores. Retailers experience a huge influx in sales in just one day, which, in turn, makes it impossible to manage all the orders in a timely manner.

Of course, retailers are not the only ones facing such problems. Logistics companies, which are actually in charge of delivering the Black Friday packages, have to deal with an enormous amount of shipments. Unfortunately, courier drivers do not own flying reindeer sleighs like Santa Claus. They are facing different problems, such as traffic jams and extreme weather conditions, while some of the delivery addresses might be hard to reach. At the same time, they are required to deliver a much bigger amount of packages. Other issues, such as a limited storage space in warehouses can also lead to shipping delays.

Reasons for Black Friday shipping delays:

  • Huge influx in sales during Black Friday;
  • Retailers cannot always manage all orders in a timely manner;
  • Warehouses might have limited storage space;
  • Logistics companies are required to deliver an abnormally large amount of shipments.

Keep in mind that other reasons, unrelated to the Black Friday sales period, may apply. For example, you might have inserted the wrong address or package had to be redirected.

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